Persona Scriptoris

Father, writer, and model with a wild appetite for music, stories, and all the food. But mostly I prefer hanging with my son, Cassian, the greatest storyteller this side of the Prime Meridian.

I’ve written professionally since 2011: feature and news articles, press releases, ghost editorials, and copy for websites. I’ve co-directed commercials and promotional videos, while sometime serving as creative consultant for multiple firms including 4Creeks Creative, Marketplace Communications, and Spectrum Communications. Since settling in  Sacramento in 2015, my stories have been featured on the cover of Sacramento Magazine, and I’ve also contributed to the largest travel agency in the Western U.S., TravelAge West.

I began commercial and lifestyle modeling in 2015, though I’ve been smiling gratis since 1982. Currently represented by Look Model Agency, I’ve contributed both print and film for companies such as Mercedes, VISA, Apple, VMware, Trumaker, and Anova.

Drop me a line at if you have any questions about rates or, more importantly, if you want to talk about Game of Thrones.

2 thoughts on “Persona Scriptoris

  1. I read a wonderful story about you and your son in the June issue of the Sacramento parent. It’s to my understanding that you are looking for new and exciting places in the Sacramento area. I’m reaching out to you because I am an aspiring writer, hoping to learn as much as I can from different writers. I would like to invite you to have coffee or tea with me at one of the BEST coffee shops in Sacramento, The Coffee Garden. It offers a nice, laid back atmosphere and a wonderful group of people that run it. I’ve been coming here for years now and it’s where I come to gather my thoughts and write. I hope you’ll take me up on my offer and allow me to pick your brain for some advise, while you enjoy a nice cup of coffee/tea.


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