Finding Home Halfway Across the Globe

Published August 22, 2014, Lifestyle Magazine

Bula Ministries sends short-term missions teams to Kenya, Honduras, Fiji – pretty much wherever there’s a need. But these trips are doing more than building homes and orphanages, they’re building bridges between people and transforming worldviews.

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A Roundabout Conversation

Published September 24, 2014, Lifestyle Magazine

Part of a longterm project to revitalize one of the city’s oldest, most ill-reputed parks, Visalia Rescue Mission invited Peter Frampton to perform at The Oval. When Frampton cancelled, many Visalians suggested through social media that the park’s reputation for drug-use, prostitution, and homelessness was the cause. This article cuts through the rumor and speculation to return the dialogue back to common space – and common sense.

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