Master of the Saddle

Published in May 2016, Enjoy Magazine

Kevin Sayler is a man of few words, silent but not stern, with a fondness for a little whiskey. A rancher by trade, Sayler familiarized himself with the saddle at a young age – how to repair as much as ride – and though he is as quiet as a stoic, he’s also a poet with his hands, crafting leather pieces from his small Saddlery in Three Rivers, California.

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Rise of the Rental

Published June 2016, Sacramento Magazine

Part and parcel of the American Dream might be owning a home, but for many Americans the idea of a mortgage seems more like a nightmare. Across America rentals are on the rise, and urbanites are renting later into life than ever before. This cover story explores the renter’s landscape in Sacramento, where increasing rental rates were among the highest in the large US cities in 2015.

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Through His Lens

Published February 2016, Enjoy Magazine

Though this article announced a bygone exhibit, it also focuses on the professional and romantic relationship between photographer Nickolas Murray and artist Frida Kahlo, and how identity and perspective both form and are formed by art.

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whenever winter’s knife had dulled
we shrugged our heavy coats,
and dared the wind to lick our lips
and paint our pale skin pink.
we liked to think the season couldn’t touch us.

before her i’d grown older,
i’d even felt much colder in the warm
than when lying nude beside her
though she pulled the blankets from my legs

but the day i felt the youngest,
was the one i left the umbrella
though the forecast called for rain.
damn whatever storm is coming,
we’ll run from door to cover,
and if caught we’ll just get wet

we traded kisses in the stairway
then cast curses on the pavement,
and when she finally touched my fingers
we felt like strangers at the border,
so i looked the other way.

we were kept across a country
and divided by a decade
but no difference really mattered
except the words we couldn’t muster
which would have the final say

last winter

i slipped on ice, but saw it happen
cold catching breath in laughter,
hair parting, widened eyes,
then a sympathetic smile

i limped along and hugged your arm,
my free hand round a paper cup.
having grown too cold to talk
we took the A line home

over bridges, under buildings
a city blurring past us
that we didn’t even notice
because though she was burning
we were still alive

so we drank in hotel lobbies
and wandered museum halls
admired metropolitan marble
while rejecting strangers calls

whoever built this city
i’d like to thank them now,
though these towers have since crumbled
that winter was our summer
and would never see the fall

Crafting Worth through Woodwork

Published October 2015, Enjoy Magazine

Eric Hollenbeck is a self-taught master woodworker who specializes in crafting period furniture with hand-built tools. The blue-collar craftsman can carve from the roughest log a piece of art as dainty as the icing on a wedding cake, but his greatest piece is still a work in progress. Hollenbeck is finally discovering that the real value of his work isn’t the final product, but the process of finding his own worth. He is imparting that lesson to the veterans and troubled teens whom he has taken under his apprenticeship at the Blue Ox Millworks.

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After Hours

Published December 2015, Sacramento Magazine

Sacramento’s midtown grid is an easily navigable map of after hour eats and drinks – as long as you know where to find them. From the club to the watering hole, and the pool table to the jukebox, this article offers the lines to connect the many dots that brighten a midtown night

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A Royal Heritage

Published July 2015, South Valley Enjoy

Brice Yocum was quite possibly the first person in America to raise, process, and eat the wildly delicious Barbezieux heritage chicken, just one of the breeds he raises at Sunbird Farms. He’s not only proven to his college students that thanks to the internet, you can start a business in just about anything, but he’s also redefining the role of chicken in fine cuisine.

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Following the Light

Published July, 2015, North Valley Enjoy

In June I took a tour of Northern California’s rugged coastline, visiting its many light houses. Starting in Crescent City, I followed a connect-the-dot trail south, and by cutting a path through cliffs and sand, I was able to view this beautiful stretch of coastline by an entirely different light.

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